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Internet of Things Forecast

Posted: Dec 13, 2015
How will the Internet of Things impact our world and everything in it? Read predictions and data from Business Insider.

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To Block or Not to Block

Posted: Sep 09, 2015
Blocking ads on mobile is gaining even more popularity among consumers, and now apple is taking its own steps to help that move forward. But is it a 100% good thing for us all? Not if ads pay for all our free services like Facebook, YouTube, Google and more.

Learn how Fisher-Price is integrating its PR and digital marketing efforts to connect and engage with today’s generation of parents through the successful and ongoing Best Possible Start campaign. The campaign launched in January 2015 and includes a global partnership with pop star, philanthropist and mom, Shakira, a Wishes for Baby viral video and social media campaign. At the heart of this case study, you’ll come to understand how Fisher-Price turned insights into action and continues takes an integrated approach to PR and digital marketing to drive brand leadership, buzz and affinity.

If one takes the list of mistakes that app owners, businesses or developers make, there is one that stands out from the rest. This mistake is when developers judge their app traffic quality by how well it converts to a final event, for instance, a purchase in a short period of time. In real life there can be many events that take place before people proceed with a final action including a purchase, sign up or any other action that app owners consider as a major one.

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For some parts of mobile shopping, it’s all about the numbers. Chuck Martin of mCommerce Daily share's his advice and insights on a new major report, taking a look at all of this data and points out that the retail analytics objective is to make better operating decisions and improve the shopping experience through the intelligent use of information. Find out why anyone tracking mobile shopping behavior should be aware that the data coming from shopping activities, it's starting to look like a tidal wave.

To promote sunblock use in children, FCB Brazil has created dolls that turn painfully red when exposed to harsh sunlight to promote sunblock brand Nivea. The cute dolls were given to parents and their kids at the main beaches in coastal capital Rio De Janeiro with the hopes of showing children the ill effects of going sunblock-free.

Google has for years been the world’s most widely used search engine and a significant generator of traffic to websites, from major news organizations to mom-and-pop shops. Google remains the dominant search engine on every computing platform, its grasp on the mobile market is slipping in the face of increased competition from “native” apps expressly meant for mobile devices.

While the mobile market seems to be gaining the attention of businesses everywhere, incentives are a becoming a new tool in the mobile commerce tool belt.

Report claims responsive design helped drive a 40% increase in CTO rates over non-responsive marketing emails.

Apple is Crushing Samsung

Posted: Mar 13, 2015
Apple is producing outstanding numbers currently, but is it enough to bury Samsung?

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