Nivea Taps into Tech to Help Kids Avoid Sunburn

Posted: Jun 10, 2015

By Leo Lutero

To promote sunblock use in children, FCB Brazil has created dolls that turn painfully red when exposed to harsh sunlight to promote sunblock brand Nivea. The cute dolls were given to parents and their kids at the main beaches in coastal capital Rio De Janeiro with the hopes of showing children the ill effects of going sunblock-free.

The dolls are coated with a UV-sensitive material that instantly turn bright red when exposed to sunlight. The forehead, nose, cheek, arms, body and legs all blush in sunlight to mimic the painful effects of what could happen without the use of sunblock. Even more fun that Nivea’s sunblock also works on the dolls.

Marketing director for Nivea Brazil Tatiana Ponce shares:

Nivea’s goal is to offer benefits that go beyond skincare. We believe that investing in educational actions is the best way to raise awareness. This is precisely our goal with the Nivea Doll, an innovative idea that is directly related to our positioning and that helps parents teach their children about the importance of wearing sunscreen.

The cosmetics company and marketing agency have had success working together. Nivea with FCB Brazil won the mobile category in last year’s Cannes Lion International Festival. The campaign made use of tracking bracelets embedded in print advertising that trigger alarms on the parent’s phones if the kids wander off a set distance.

In the campaign video for the dolls, Nivea visited the main beaches of Brazil’s capital handing out kits of the doll and Nivea Sun Kids product to families.

Kids, when they get to the beach, often protest having to wait another five minutes to put on their sunscreen. The campaign showed that by illustrating to children the effects of not putting on protection in an engaging, child-centric way, the restless began appreciating the sunscreen ritual.

Brazil is home to people with perfectly sun-kissed skin and idyllic shores. Efforts of companies like Nivea that educate people more about the ill effects of the unprotected exposure leads to estimates of over US$1.1 billion sales in sun care products by 2018.

Click to visit the PSFK site and watch a short video showing the doll in action.