The MFM Difference 

Does your business need a mobile app, or would it be more economical to start with a mobile optimized website (also called responsive design)? We'll help you walk through the business needs for your mobile communications presence before doing any programming or designing at all. (See our section below.)

When you work with Mobile First Media, you get more than just website designers or programmers. You'll work closely with our core team of digital marketing consultants, mobile app developers, search engine optimization consultants and search engine marketing professionals. The difference will be measurable in sales and business results and ensuring an improved user experience,.

We also offer the staff training and on-call support you and your team need to continue your success. 

Mobile and Apps 101

Mobile Optimized and Responsive Websites

A mobile-optimized or responsive website is a website that can be viewed easily on any size screen. If you have a newer website and you like it, and it is performing its business function well, do not reinvent the wheel. Instead, a skilled programmer from MFM can go into your current site's code and make it "responsive" for mobile devices.

If you need a brand new website, we will create one with you that is responsive. You will update your site the same as ever, in one place. The changes take effect on all layouts.

We can even make the mobile layout feature some things and not others, because people have different habits and expectations when they look for information and perform tasks on their phones.

Our techniques will help improve your site's usability and speed up page loads, and can bring mobile-specific features to the forefront to increase visitor satisfaction and time spent on your site.

Do I Need Mobile App Development?

A mobile application ("app") works on a specific mobile device's operating system and is downloaded to the device. Apps focus on a specific set of functions. If you are wondering if you need an app or just a responsive website or a mobile optimization, some questions to ask are: 

  1. If I force people to take time downloading an app, are the benefits my site provides worth that extra step?
  2. Will people perform functions on my app that they need to do on a frequent, regular basis over time?
  3. Are those transactions things they spend more time on,  or things that tie into their lifestyle?

MFM's Developers

MFM hires different developers based on the type of project requirements our clients present to us.

We have carefully screened hundreds of people who work in the field as independent website, mobile and custom app developers. 

We believe our folks are among the very best in the world at what they do—whether they are new and up-and-coming stars or seasoned vets of the industry.

Plus, we hire them because they are EASY to work with and WANT you to succeed. 

Are Apps Expensive?

Not really. But it depends on exactly how customized your creation needs to be.

You may think you need some features, or the boss wants a certain gizmo, but in actuality you might really need something in between, or entirely different.

We often counsel first-time app clients to create an app with us that can be "staged" over time.

It is much easier and more efficient to start with a highly functional, well-designed app, and build it up over time and through testing and evaluation of how your customers are using it. Don't guess and create a more complicated app or website than your customers expect or want. 

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