It's a Momentous Mobile Marketing Moment

If you own or help run or manage a business or organization, here are the new rules of engagement:

  • Your customers and prospects have smartphones and tablets or are about to get them (or to get a second, or third!)
  • They are on the go and use their mobile devices almost exclusively more than their personal computers (if they even have a PC).
  • They want to find your information and offers quickly.
  • They get frustrated by companies that have non-mobilized sites or websites that are not user-friendly or easy to navigate.
  • They self-report that they often go to your competitors' websites if they cannot quickly and easily find what they seek on your site.
  • They don't watch long videos on websites.
  • Even when you pool in Americans of all income levels, the adoption rate is now omnipresent (see graph to the right). In fact, studies show that low-income households purchase a smartphone only, not a desktop computer or laptop, because of the affordability factor of an all-in-one device.​
At Mobile First Media, we can help you with professional mobile app development, mobile optimized web development, mobile marketing, social media marketing, video production, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and more—all focused on helping you achieve results with impact. 
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